Conveyancing Central Coast

Conveyancing Central Coast

When selling a property, it is important to see a solicitor to prepare a Contract for Sale so it complies with the appropriate disclosure laws. Linda Emery can assist you with this whole process from beginning to end.

Linda Emery and her team are experienced conveyancers and we are familiar with all the current laws relation to conveyancing. The current conveyancing laws require the seller known as the Vendor to prepare a Contract for Sale to give to your agent. Your solicitor can assist you in this process. There are certain documents required to be annexed which include a Section 149 Certificate (zoning certificate), sewer mains diagram, title search, a pool compliance certificate (if appropriate), Land Tax clearance certificate and copies of any documents of any notifications registered on the title.

If you are unsure about any of these documents, contact the experienced team at Linda Emery & Associates today.

Steps in a Sale

  1. Linda Emery and her team will prepare the Contract for Sale and forward this to your real estate agent.
  2. Once a purchaser has been found and a price agreed on, Contracts are exchanged.
  3. You will arrange to sign your Discharge of Mortgage documents with your bank so we can obtain a payout figure of your loan in readiness for settlement.
  4. Once you have been advised of a settlement date, you make arrangements to disconnect all of your services, advise your insurance company of your date of settlement and book your removalist.

At Linda Emery & Associates, we are here to assist you through to a successful settlement.

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Conveyancing Central Coast